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Episode 1 of Salad Fingers. Salad Fingers goes on a search for rusty spoons.

This was the first Salad Fingers cartoon David Firth featured on Newgrounds back in 2004…

8 Responses to “Salad Fingers 1”

  1. RobinM

    31. Aug, 2009

    Salad Fingers is teh UBER-born!

  2. Cassieyr

    04. Nov, 2009

    I love salad fingers he is my home skillet

  3. Aimee

    10. Jan, 2010

    SALAD FINGERS is the BEST! I wanted be able to live without salad fingers, magical trevor and breadfish! They are all hilarious!!!!

  4. Juliana C

    03. Feb, 2010

    The most amazing character!! Absolutely genius!

  5. dj grizz

    03. Mar, 2010

    haha salad fingers try watching that shit on acid

  6. Paul Brady

    09. Mar, 2010

    salad fingers is the MAN!! ..Wot an amazing weirdo,pure class

  7. salad fingers

    01. Jul, 2010

    salad fingers is soooooooooooo hilarious……………………

  8. laura

    20. Oct, 2010

    I love salad fingers!!!!!!!!!!! i wish there were more episodes, like the island of misfit toys i so relate to him in so many ways. i have read so many different interpretations of him, but to me he is lost and all alone after the great war, they probably all left him behind and now hes mutated and theres other strange single ones left behind, i just relate to the aloneness. even in the way he looks. sigh.

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